The Attention Test

Challenge: Stealing attention on social is tougher now than it’s ever been. The space is oversaturated, which is why good creative that people actually enjoy and want to see is more important than ever before.

When the new ŠKODA Fabia was being positioned globally as having ‘Attention Stealing Design’ we knew rather than simply tell people, we needed to prove it.

Solution: We tapped into the neuroscientific theory of change blindness; a surprising perceptual phenomenon that means if you focus on the attention stealing ŠKODA Fabia, you won’t notice other things changing before your eyes. Using this idea we created a viral video that proved how ‘attention stealing’ the ŠKODA Fabia was.

Creating something awesome was the first step, deciding who we should push it to was the second. We nailed our target audiences using existing and aspirational customer profiling, layered with Acxiom data, to make sure that the people we were reaching weren’t just teens who like to watch and share cool stuff, but have no interest in the car. Instead, we only targeted people we knew might genuinely be interested in the new Fabia.

But it wasn’t just about people being exposed to the new model; we had hard business metrics to achieve. We later targeted users who had watched more than 50% of the film with a Direct Response ad on their newsfeed, inviting them to download a brochure or take a test drive.

Results: It’s safe to say people “loved the advert!” With many commenting that it was “awesome”, “the best advert I’ve seen” and “perfectly executed”. The monkey on the roof was a particular hit with those keen-eyed enough to spot him. Facebook was the key to unlocking viral exposure. We generated over 4 million impressions on Facebook alone, with 1.6 million people watching the video. And the views weren’t just for a couple of seconds – the average watch time was 39 seconds. Users were hooked. And the virtual applause flowed.

More than 23,000 likes, over 4,500 comments and an incredible 12,000 shares came in from around the world. With those 12,000 shares helping boost our organic reach to 989,184. Which means we reached the whole of our Facebook fan base five times over, for free.

The push on Facebook led to a viral effect and the film went global. 4 million impressions turned into 24 million web impressions worldwide from news sources, blogs and friends sharing our Simply Clever piece of creative.

We generated 5,612,296 views on YouTube with no media spend at all. And the film was voted Campaign’s ‘Ad of the week’ and Ad Week’s ‘Top 5 ads of the week’.