We were asked to make a step-change in the offers to keep people on the Priority app for longer, and drive more habitual use. We needed something exciting and exclusive enough to drive customers to the app, keep them there and make non-customers envious enough to want to sign up.


Our big idea was simple: we would reduce the tantalising wait between episodes of the hottest TV programmes by giving our customers early access. We’ve teamed up with Channel 4’s launch of its cross platform digital offering All 4 and gave O2 customers exclusive access across their entire digital estate. Delivering premieres to O2 customers required building a bespoke VoD delivery system from scratch and a unique code generator to prevent the codes from going viral, plus enormous ongoing tech development between O2 and C4’s operational teams.

We relied heavily on native advertising formats to direct people to the ‘Priority Lounge’, where they could enter a code generated from the Priority app to access new shows each week. We promoted the partnership with co-branded trails and teasers from the premiered shows and continued to refresh them throughout the duration of the campaign to coincide with each Premiere launch.

To stay relevant, we’ve been as targeted as possible by rotating creative against different demographics and interest-based audience segments, as well as data-matching O2’s customer base and C4’s registered users. To augment the native media placements we used O2 Priority custom audiences to run targeted paid social placements. Using keyword targeting we ensured Priority was part of the social conversations and hype surrounding the shows.


Audience research has shown how much O2 customers value the content that the partnership delivers, with 69% regarding the offer as a genuine treat and 44% intending to watch shows via Priority in the future. Importantly, this has translated into business results. We smashed our year-end target of 100,000 by 40%, with over 250,000 users tuning in to watch top shows 48 hours early – that’s the equivalent of filling the O2 arena twelve times over.

Crucially, Channel 4 content now drives more new and returning active users than any other offer in the Priority app (including £1 Lunch). The churn benefit of making Priority customers heavy users will be worth £48m by the end of the sponsorship period.