Star Wars Battlefront

Challenge: Position Star Wars Battlefront as a mainstream entertainment title while promoting the Battle of Jakku DLC.

Solution: We needed a campaign that would unite EA’s three target audiences of core gamers, Star Wars fans and general consumers. So we challenged fans to come together to battle for the planet Jakku in an exclusive livestream event.

To announce the battle we held a training session at Wembley Stadium for Star Wars fan, Chris Moyles and Chelsea player, Asmir Begovic. Star Wars Battlefront gameplay was broadcasted to the large pitch side screens where the two celebrities got hands on practice with the game while a photographer captured the moment.

We then took over the iconic Wembley arch to represent Star Wars lightsaber colours, creating an amazing photo background for press. The following week we invited talent, influencers and press to attend a livestream showcase event, which was the global gameplay debut of The Battle of Jakku DLC. We arranged interviews and photos for press to use the next day.

Results: The buzz we created was exceptional:

  • The total circulation of broadcast outlets covering Wembley activity rose to 276,219,642
  • National print and broadcast coverage including The Sun, The Evening Standard and Huffington Post
  • Over 20,000 live viewers at one point during the stream of the event
  • 7 social media posts going out to over 4,637,000 social followers of talent involved
  • With 35,440,010 broadcast outlets covering the Battle of Jakku event