The Apprentice


We were tasked with making owned and earned content from The Apprentice work more efficiently on social. Using both earned and paid media to increase reach and engagement while decreasing CPE.


We used the Social Newsroom to activate earned and paid media by using social listening and data analysis to understand conversations around The Apprentice. We also recommended relevant content based on learnings in order to increase engagement.

By amplifying the most engaging aspects in real-time, we were then able to nimbly adapt spend depending on engagement and live conversations.


The results really did speak for themselves, with:

  • reduced CPE by 50% across both Facebook and Twitter
  • paid Facebook engagement rate increase from 2.5% to 8.55%
  • paid Twitter engagement rate increased from 1.9% to 12.12%
  • 60% increase in engagements on Twitter
  • average Twitter engagements per episode increased 31%